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Boutique care and support,

tailored by you.

At CareMatch,

We offer boutique care and support, tailored by you. From disability to aged care, you’re in control of what matters most. Our genuine, enthusiastic carers are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, push your boundaries and stay connected with the things you love.

Our Shifts

We offer flexible shift options to get the care you need!


Day Shift

Monday - Friday

6am - 5pm


Night Shift

Monday - Friday

5pm - 12am



Flat Rate

Minimum 4 Hours



Saturday - Sunday

Minimum 4 Hours

Get Started with CareMatch

Call Henry on 0451 874 693, or, outline the care and support you’re after by completing our form below.

Define the type of care you’re after

It could be anything from disability support, aged care assistance, respite services or support with rehabilitation appointments, through to errands and social events.

Let us know when care is needed

Is it during the daytime, nighttime, overnight or on the weekends? It could be a combination of times.

Tell us the type of carer you’d like

This is entirely up to you, and what makes you feel most comfortable. Are you looking for a person of a certain type of personality, gender or age? Are you looking for a specific skill-set?

How people are using CareMatch

Get more than just daily care. We offer support in all aspects of your life, so you can achieve all of your goals. Our clients are using CareMatch to assist with:


Daily care and support


Social gatherings and outings




General home assistance




Sports and rehabilitation



CareMatch, it's your choice

What could be more personal than care? Take control of your needs and preferences, and let us tailor your care and support to suit. It really is your care, your choice.

Build lasting connections

Carer or friend? Why not both? We don’t just ‘complete tasks’, we enjoy forming genuine and lasting bonds. It’s important to show up us a mate, and do mate-like things, too.

Spinal Cord Injury specialists

We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to ensure that those living with SCI are supported to promote independence, build confidence and enhance quality of life.

Onsite Shared Support (OSS) service

Designed for those with high physical requirements, our OSS model is a unique service that provides 24/7 onsite support to those living within our OSS-qualified residences .

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